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Preparing Your Cart For Spring

Preparing Your Cart For Spring

Along with spring, comes spring cleaning…for your golf cart too! Before you head out to the course, out for a neighbourhood drive, or off to work with your cart, we wanted to put together a few tips to help you get your cart in shape for the upcoming season.

  1. Clean.

 After sitting in storage all winter, we’re going to bet your cart’s in need of a good rinse. Make sure you get all that dust and grime off with a  good cleaning, and don’t be afraid to spray the batteries. Although, remember to be mindful of any electronics on board.

  1. Batteries.

 Take a close look at the batteries and check for any issues such as corrosion or loose terminals. Also, keep an eye out for electrolyte levels, charge receptacle condition, and the state of your battery cables. If anything looks like it might need to be replaced, make sure it’s done as needed. If you’re not sure, you can always consult a professional. If everything looks to be in working order, charge away!

  1. Tire pressure.

 It’s aways extremely important to check your cart’s tires before taking a long-awaited spin. First, make sure to check the condition of the tires and rims. You can easily do so while your battery is charging. The next step would be to check the tire pressure and make absolutely sure that they are all even and at the correct level. If not, replace or fill accordingly.

  1. Brakes.

Next, it’s a good idea to check the condition of your brakes. You can do so by jacking up the the back-end of your cart and removing the wheels in order to gain access to the brakes. For safety reasons, make sure that the cart is well-supported. Again, if you’re not a huge “DIY’er,” you can consult a professional to help you. If you feel like tackling this yourself, perform a brake test. After doing so, clean, adjust and replace elements if needed.

 While you’re at it, check your brake pads and the play in your brake pedal and adjust if necessary.

  1. Rear axle.

The next key step is to check the condition of the rear axle, which includes draining and replacing fluids. While completing this step, make sure that there are no leaks in the process.

  1. Front and rear suspension.

While continuing on with your spring tune-up, it’s best to check the state of the front and rear suspension. You can easily do so by checking for strut oil leakage, excessive play in hubs and kingpins, worn bushings and loose or missing hardware, then replace accordingly. It’s probably a good idea to take a few extra minutes here and check that any visible nuts and bolts are tightened properly.

  1. Steering assembly.

 To follow, another good idea is to double check on your steerings excessive play and loose or missing hardware and as always, replace if needed.

  1. Check your engine (gas) or electrical (electric).

If you own an electric TXT or RXV, then your tune-up work here is done, however if you own a gas TXT or RXV model, then there’s a few extra bits and pieces that you are going to want to check on before heading out.

 9.Replace the air filter.

 Its pretty self explanatory here, but it’s often highly-recommended to switch out your cart’s air filter at the beginning of the up-coming season.


Last, but not least, replace your oil filter and engine oil in order to keep your cart in it’s best running shape.

Now, if you follow these pre-season maintenance tips, you’ll be good to go for a hassle free season with your cart.